IDE Hard Drive to SATA Port Adapter – IDE to SATA Converter

IDE to SATA Converter

Convert older IDE hard drives to SATA with this IDE hard drive to SATA port adapter.

  • Converts older ISD 40 Pin HDD to SATA.
  • Works with drives sizes from 40GB to 750GB
  • Uses JMicron JM20330 chip set.
  • •Two LED indicators for “power on”(green) and”HDD”(Red).


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Model No. CTS-IDE

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PATA (IDE) Hard Drive to SATA port Converter

Need to convert your older IDE (PATA) 40 Pin Hard Drive to New SATA (Serial ATA) Only Mother Board?, Here is a Very Easy Solution.

This IDE to SATA COnverter (CTS-IDE) Works with ANY Brand Hard Drive from 40GB up to 750GB. Supports SATA I and SATA II MotherBoard Input, Supports Serial ATA with data transfer rate up to 150MB/s. It is the best way to continue the use of your hard drive where newer, compact motherboard sizes may be an issue.

IDE to SATA Converter Features

  • IDE to SATA 40-pin converter board
  • Two LED indicators for “power on”(green) and”HDD”(Red)
  • Chipset Used – JMicron JM20330
  • Suitability 3.5 IDE H.D.D.
  • Interface IDE , Serial ATA


Dimension 56(L) x 20(W) x 23(H)mm


Product Specifications

Physical Characteristics


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44-Pin IDE, 7-Pin SATA


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Reviews (4)

4 reviews for IDE Hard Drive to SATA Port Adapter – IDE to SATA Converter

  1. WaynesWorld

    Product is really a good idea for using old hard drives in newer PCs. This is especially useful since Microsoft allows their OS (starting at Win7) to be moved to newer PCs.

  2. Guest

    Would not work – dell computer would not recognize it or the drive

  3. SteveReb

    This the easyiest way to continue the use of your hardware in a new motherboards that aew aetup for sata without purchasing new hardware. They are the perfext size for tight space in small computers.

  4. Robert Paskvich

    I had looked at several of these IDE to SATA adaptors and read reviews of cracking, poor quality, sticking out and cantilever stress breakage. I stumbled across these at Cool drives and they appeared to solve most of the problems by their vertical design. After installing on a 40 gig IDE drive for retrieving tons of files, I was amazed at the speed and clean seamless interface with SATA and Windows 7. Files transferred so quickly that I thought something had to be wrong or missing. But checking confirmed everything was there on the new hyper drive. I never new an IDE drive could transfer files that fast. These adapters are a life saver for moving files to newer technology. Well worth the money and they work very well. Cheers to Cool drives

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