Quad Port Serial RS-232 PCMCIA Adapter DB-9 Serial

RS232 Serial Adapter – PCMCIA Card Adapter

The CG-4SCBH Serial RS-232 PCMCIA Adapter allows you to add four high-speed RS-232 ports to your mobile computer with Quad Serial I/O PC Card. Quad Port RS-232 DB-9 PCMCIA Serial Adapter for LAPTOP Computers.

  • Adds 4 High-Speed Serial RS232 COM Ports to your system.
  • Provides laptop flexibility with serial RS232 ports to expand as required.
  • Fully Plug & Play compliant, compatible with 32-bit Type-II Slot Notebooks
  • 128 byte 16C950 Deep FIFO UARTs, 16C550 compatible.


EOL - Discontinued

Model No. CG-4SCBH