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Varieties & X of USB to RS485 Adapters

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The Uses of USB to RS232 Converters

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Coolgear Newsletter 01.13.22

We’ve been busy updating the website. We’re excited to share some great new features Read More >

Virtues of RS232 to RS485 Converters

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The Utility of RS232 to RS422 & USB to RS422 Converters

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Why Legacy Serial Communication Protocols Are Still Relevant

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Problem Solvers: USB to Serial RS232 & RS485 Adapters

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Coolgear’s Serial Products Support New Windows 11 OS

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USB & The IoT: Powering the Future

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Sourcing Industrial Grade USB The Right Way: Smart. Helpful. Specialized. Easy.

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The Rugged Criteria of Industrial Grade USB: Environmentally Sealed & High Temps

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The Rugged Criteria of Industrial Grade USB: Efficiency in Fleet Vehicles

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DIN Rail Mounting: Everything In Its Right Place

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Quality and High Performance: Industrial-Grade USB

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Your Guide to USB-C: Benefits, Pinout, and Use Cases

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IT’S ALIVE! Our Cee-Y Splitter Prototype is being put through the paces on our bench. You can now share your USB PD Power among multiple ports.

Our Cee-Y Splitter Prototype is being put through the paces on our bench. You can Read More >

Nano USB PD to DC Module, Negotiate and Sink your PD Power Source and Output a Fixed DC Voltage.

Nano USB PD to DC Module, Negotiate and Sink your PD Power Source and Output Read More >

Palm-Sized Power Delivery: CG-POE15VPD The Smallest PoE to USB C PD Adapter In The World

Coolgear designed a sleek new integrated chip (CGPD18 IC) to support low power USB C Read More >

Taking Power To New Lengths: Coolgear, Inc., Designs its Own Integrated Circuit for Low Power Type-C Devices

Coolgear has developed and designed a new integrated circuit chip to work with USB Type-C Read More >

8 Tips For Selecting The Right USB Hub

When you have lots of USB devices to connect to one machine, a USB hub Read More >

Coolgear USB 3.1 Gen2 10Gbps USB Hub Available TODAY!

CLEARWATER, FLA. (PRWEB) JULY 11, 2018 A cutting-edge USB 3.1 Gen2 USB hub from Coolgear Inc. that Read More >

USBgear 7 Port USB 3.0 Hub in Driver’s Station for Robotics Competition

CoolGear Inc. has been developing, manufacturing, and providing premier computer peripherals since 1997. We’re continuing Read More >

Coolgear Will Attend InfoComm in Las Vegas – Booth N3425 June 6-8 2018

Bookmark this page! We will be adding our Newest products for USB Type-C Power Delivery Read More >

Coolgear Launches Nest Cam IQ Outdoor PoE Extender Kit with Type-C USB

Coolgear Inc., an industry leader in computer peripheral development and manufacturing has engineered a PoE Read More >

USB Type-C Power Delivery Achieves Problem Solving Stature!

USB type-C, a power solving giant in a little package! Ever since USB-C standards development Read More >

Introducing New USB-C Power Delivery Products by Coolgear

Announcing a New 240W Type-C High Power 4 Port Charging Station by Coolgear Designed and Read More >

Using USB Extension Cables for Virtual Reality Game Systems

Move Your Virtual Reality System with USB! Use USB extension cables to give your friends Read More >

Din Rail Clips 3D Printed with Free Print File

The 3D printed Din Rail Clip by CoolGear As a technology company, CoolGear is always Read More >

Windows 10 InfraRed (IrDA) support without Insider Builds

UPDATE: This guide is no longer needed on Windows 10 after update v1511. Please ensure Read More >


Windows 10 IrDA update for April 2016

Windows 10 now has working IrDA – Sorta Our Supplier provided us with an updated Read More >

USB Isolator High-Speed Debut

CoolGear and Silanna Debut the World’s First Compact USB 2.0 High-speed Isolator Module. CoolGear introduces Read More >

PCI Bus Utilization – Coolgear Introduces PCI in the box

Effective PCI bus Expansion for I/O Applications CLEARWATER, Fla., Mar. 4, 2016 – Coolgear Inc., Read More >

USB to Serial Adapter- Use Applications

Introduction: Serial Devices exist everywhere, in homes, offices, industrial facilities, Airports, Squad Cars serial devices Read More >

Windows 10 IrDA update for November

Hi Everyone, Caleb here from Coolgear again. You may have noticed that Microsoft has put Read More >


Windows 10 and Infrared (IrDA)

Shortly before the release of Windows 10 we here at Coolgear downloaded the evaluation pre-release Read More >

USB 3.0 Performance and Speed Variables

USB 3.0 Performance and Speed Variable – Why the Bottleneck? Although USB technology has reached Read More >

CoolGear USB Peripherals Manufacturing

CoolGear – Leading the Way for Computer USB Peripherals Manufacturing Computer Peripheral History We’ve come Read More >

Taking advantage of USB 3.0 Spec

Taking advantage of expanding USB 3.0 technology? Here’s what I mean, we all know or Read More >

Serial RS-232, RS-422, RS485 Adapters

The Serial RS-232 Signal Difference RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 Information We receive many support calls with Read More >

Keeping up with USB Hubs

Keeping up with USB Hubs, their technological advantages, and increasing usage… The USB Hub Challenge? Read More >

*Video USB 3.0 7 Port Metal Hub USBG-7U3ML

Industrial 7-Port USB 3.0 Metal Hub Variable 7-24Volt AC/DC Power Input Din Rail Mountable Compact Read More >

USB Serial ANDROID Tablet Support

CoolGear USB Serial Adapters work on Android Tablets. We tested it on our Google Nexus Read More >

USB 3.0 Products *Video

Product Video discussing USB 3.0 products  in-depth   more USB 3.0 Product information